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Why Now is the Right Time for Houston Businesses to Adjust Their IT Hiring Practices

Oct 13, 2020 2:18:02 PM

The last several quarters have prompted significant economic disruption across virtually every industry on a nationwide scale. The global pandemic and resulting sluggish economy have brought challenges to Houston businesses of every size and scope in a multitude of ways. Some local organizations struggled to sustain profitability amid rapid shifts in market temperature, while others maintained a breakneck pace in an attempt to meet rampant surges in consumer demand.

The Current Economy Has Directly Impacted How Houston Finds IT Candidates

Beyond directly impacting operations, COVID-19 has also influenced Houston hiring practices, especially when sourcing qualified IT and technical talent. In our current economy rife with relentless upheaval, Houston entrepreneurs have demonstrated remarkable agility and resiliency. They recognize that, while there is no longer any such thing as “business as usual,” business must still somehow carry on, beginning with how they staff their organizations.

Contract and contract-to-hire developers and analysts have long been a staple in various Houston companies and specific verticals. However, as we continue to navigate post-COVID-19 terrain, the need for temporary IT talent is expanding. Even local IT hiring managers who generally use only a permanent staffing model to keep their operations running are taking advantage of contract and contract-to-hire resources within their workforce.

The Benefits of Leveraging Contract Technical Talents in Your Houston Business

Should your Houston company consider adjusting its staffing model to include contract and contract-to-perm technical talent? Knowing some of the benefits of this hiring practice can help you determine if it makes sense for your organization. Working with an innovative Houston IT staffing firm for contract resources can help resolve several issues stemming from the current market climate, such as:

No-Hassle Hiring and Firing
Most business owners find onboarding and termination of staff in the areas of IT and beyond to be demanding and time consuming. A trusted staffing partner can streamline and handle all aspects of the new employee process such as forms and paperwork, background checks, payroll, and more — the hire simply shows up on day one and is put to work. The same applies when it’s time to let an employee go; your staffing resource can deal with the actual termination, exit interviews, and more — with zero liability to the company.

Unexpected Market Shifts
Most Houston industries are experiencing market changes on a virtual day-by-day basis. The inconsistency and uncertainty have made it difficult for hiring managers to decide if they should bring in a permanent hire; using contractors means you won’t have to. You’ll have the flexibility needed to bring on IT resources when, and for as long as, you need them to eliminate any short-term staffing gaps and talent shortages. Most importantly, a trusted IT staffing firm will serve as an extension of your team, developing a viable pipeline of qualified candidates to ensure you have access to the talent you need whenever you may need it.

Budget Limitations
Right now, Houston business owners are carefully monitoring expenses to maintain their operations throughout the tumultuous economy. As a result, many local organizations are in a hiring freeze, attempting to sustain operations with fewer available resources. Contract IT candidates often prove a far more cost-effective solution for business owners. Beyond employee salaries, businesses must also absorb the ever-growing wide range of fringe costs for permanent workers. However, with contractors, your company only pays a set rate for hours worked — your IT staffing and recruiting firm covers all other administrative fees.

Restricted Bandwidth
In addition to tight budgets, most Houston hiring managers are often tight on time as well. Many area businesses have had to make adjustments to their current workforce, resulting in fewer employees managing more tasks. A competent local recruiting firm accelerates the sourcing and credentialing process, only submitting skilled and thoroughly qualified candidates to save time and enable you to remain focused on your organization’s core capabilities.

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InQuest Staffing develops flexible IT hiring solutions for Houston businesses in every industry. Contact us today to learn more about leveraging contract, contract-to-perm, and permanent placement staffing strategies in your operations.

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