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Will Cybercriminals Begin Targeting 'Smart Homes?'

Aug 7, 2018 10:14:00 AM

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We spend a great deal of time on this blog focusing on the many ways that cybercriminals compromise the security of businesses and corporations around the world. However, as a recent article from Quartz points out, we as a society are beginning to rely more and more on the internet to control different parts of our personal lives — thus opening ourselves up to the threat of cyber crime on a much smaller, yet just as insidious, level. 

"The essence of the forthcoming 'internet of things' is that everything we own, from our refrigerators and egg cartons to our cars and thermostats, will some day be outfitted with internet-connected sensors and control systems, allowing all our possessions and ultimately all of our civic infrastructure to communicate with each other and be controlled remotely," states the source. 

Technorati notes that this increasing dependence on the internet may give petty criminals who understand the basics of hacking the chance to attack us in whole new ways. This could be especially dangerous if these individuals learn how to compromise internet-controlled security systems, but the reality is that we may not comprehend the gravity of these situations until they begin happening. 

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