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Is it Time to Look for a New Job?

Jan 13, 2019 10:07:00 AM

Portrait of a tired casual businesswoman standing in office

Let's face it. Your job just isn't as rewarding as it used to be. Should you quit and move on to greener pastures? That's not always an easy decision. After all, a steady paycheck is hard to pay up, especially in this economy.

On the other hand, this isn't your grandfather's job. People don't stay at the same company their whole lives anymore—they actually change jobs much more frequently.

So how do you know when it's time? A recent article in Business Insider shared a few helpful suggestions.

  • Do you have a terrible boss? One who demonstrates little to no management skills and never gives feedback? Or worse, one who has awful relationships with those under him? If this is the case, think about packing your bags. There are plenty of great managers out there you could work with.
  • Have you been passed over for a promotion that you felt you worked the hardest for? This can be especially difficult, especially if the person who got the job had not been with the company as long as you had. It's possible that the higher-ups just aren't recognizing your value. If so, you may want to look for those who do?
  • Is your own work suffering? This doesn't mean that you are performing badly, per se. But if you've become comfortable with a job, you may find that your incentive to really excel has diminished. Maybe you need something new to challenge you.

If these signs apply to you, it might be time to work with a Houston staffing agency and find a new position.

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