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Should .NET Developers Get Certified?

Jan 20, 2019 10:05:00 AM


Software developers and computer programmers of all stripes have faced this question from time to time. Should I get certified?

There are pros and cons. On one hand, certification is a time-consuming and often expensive process. There is no guarantee that you will pass and actually achieve what you came for, and even if you do, that certificate does not necessarily get you a job.

On the other hand, It is certainly true that, in many fields, employers like to see a certification when deciding who to hire for certain projects. It signifies that you have a certain skill set that is up to date. In addition, you showed initiative by getting the certification in the first place.

For example, .NET developers can benefit from a number of different certification programs. One offered by SOASchool.com promises to teach "the development of distributed solutions using .NET programming technologies and tools," while helping participants achieve "proven mastery of applying service-orientation to the programming and implementation" of .NET solutions.

Given how quickly technology can advance, certification offers other crucial benefits by helping developers stay ahead of the curve. If there was one skill that truly added value to any job seeker, it would be the ability to adjust to the rapid pace of change that has always defined this industry.

A Houston IT staffing agency is always looking for the best talent to fill jobs in the city's growing software development industry. Certified developers who are looking for a change of career will be prime candidates for those positions.

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