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Negotiating a Houston IT Salary: Avoid These Hiring Manager Mistakes

Jan 7, 2020 10:32:31 AM

Happy businessman shaking hands with a female interviewer in officeMany technical candidates struggle with effectively discussing pay requirements during the interview process. However, negotiating IT salaries in Houston can prove challenging (read: awkward) for hiring managers as well. This is especially true in Houston's current thriving job market.

The robust local economy means top-tier software developers and engineers are in high demand. As a result, any talented technical professionals don't just have multiple job interviews; they often have multiple job offers. Houston hiring managers must be ready to offer leading programmers and analysts a competitive compensation package—or risk losing them to another employer.

Houston Employers Should Know These Common Software Developer Salary Missteps

Don't risk missing out on the right technical candidate for your open opportunity simply because you aren't prepared to negotiate compensation successfully. Knowing a few common IT salary discussion mistakes can help keep the hiring process moving forward toward a hire.

Mistake #1: Avoiding the Conversation
One of the biggest mistakes an employer can make is to avoid discussing compensation during the interview process. In today's robust marketplace, Houston IT candidates want direct and transparent discussions about payment as early in the process as possible. Salary requirements will play a critical role in the overall success of the recruiting process and can ultimately save precious time. Get the conversation out of the way as quickly as you can to get everyone on the same page as early as possible.

Mistake #2: Failing to Do Your IT Salary Research
Just like candidates, hiring managers should also have payment parameters in mind when filling an IT job opportunity. Always establish a salary range for every open technical position before you begin the recruiting process. Review relevant Software developer salary guides and familiarize yourself with key factors that influence final compensation, such as:

  • Experience levels
  • Specialization technologies
  • Current demand for required skills

Recognizing the market value of the position, as well as knowing the existing pay levels for similar roles in your company, can ensure you'll know what to expect when discussing compensation during the candidate interview.

Mistake #3: Not Considering a Counteroffer
Some hiring managers struggle with effectively negotiating through candidate counteroffers, immediately responding with a "no." A knee-jerk refusal in today's marketplace can often mean falling short in the hiring big picture. If a prospective employee requests a higher figure than what you've offered, but is still within a reasonable compensation range, it's critical to conduct a quick pulse check to determine:

  • Overall urgency of hire
  • Difficulty of finding talent that matches required skill set
  • Time needed to begin the process again

You should also consider what value the specific Houston IT candidate will bring to your team as well as whether you've found available candidates with a similar, relevant skill set throughout the recruiting process. Once you've carefully analyzed the pros and cons of the situation, you can consider your three options: accept the request, make a counteroffer, or hold firm.

Mistake #4: Assuming Only Salary Matters
Many Houston hiring managers assume that not being able to meet a candidate's salary request eliminates them as a viable employer. Not true. Yes, pay is important. However, Houston software engineers are often very willing to compromise on their salary range for a competitive overall compensation package. Employee benefits, vacation time, job flexibility, a dynamic internal corporate culture, and the opportunity for professional development can all compel a Houston IT candidate to accept your final job offer.

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