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Five Reasons Great Employees Leave Good Houston IT Jobs

Jan 28, 2020 12:15:00 PM

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Staff turnover can prove a major disruption for Houston IT business leaders. An unexpected loss of resources can have a significant impact on corporate results. Even short-term Houston consulting jobs require full-time staffing efforts. Continually having to retool your IT staff and restarting the recruiting process can result in a considerable loss of time and productivity.  

Excessive turnover can prove particularly challenging for hiring organizations in the current, highly competitive job market. Today's candidates have more employment choices than those searching for work even a decade ago. Job seekers can be highly selective when accepting an offer. As a result, companies with a reputation for high staff losses can find themselves taking even longer to backfill positions as the very best talent opts for jobs at the competition.

Beyond Software Developer Salary Guidelines: Why Your Houston IT Employees Are Really Leaving

Many Houston IT hiring managers believe that a high turnover rate is directly related to IT pay, particularly among their top performers. This is typically not the case. While compensation does play a key role in why top IT employees accept a position, it's often at the bottom of the list of reasons why an employee wants to leave the company. 

Some of the most common reasons why great employees leave good Houston IT jobs include:

Ineffective Leadership

Leadership can play a significant role in prompting highly skilled resources to seek employment elsewhere. Often, ineffective leadership boils down to one specific characteristic: poor communication. Not having a clearly defined outline of job duties and responsibilities, or even the overall organizational mission, can quickly make employees feel like management isn't properly communicating to (or leading) the team.

Unclear Expectations

Undefined or misunderstood engagement expectations and employee assessments can also cause staff members to leave a position. Most employees want clearly defined objectives, detailed personal goals, and feedback to know if they are on task and successful in their roles. Not knowing why (or even if) their performance isn't hitting the mark can quickly frustrate workers. 

Moving Targets

Yes, change does happen, particularly in agile IT work environments. However, constant direction changes and planning contradictions can make employees feel there isn't a solid, long-range strategy for success. 

Little to No Employee Growth

Professional growth also plays a vital role in how long someone will stay at a company. In fact, recent statistics show that a lack of career development is one of the biggest reasons why people leave an organization. The misalignment of compositions and incentives with objectives and outcomes, or simply not recognizing a clear, linear path of upward mobility, can all factor into why turnover is on the rise in an organization. 

Not Knowing the Company’s Big Picture

Finally, today's employees don't just want to understand their specific function—they also want to know how their job fits into the greater mission of the organization. Employees want to feel that what they do matters. Failing to communicate the company vision and how their contribution aligns with the overall corporate mission can prove critical to sustaining elite talent within the company. 

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